Drinking & Kitchen Water

Drinking Water from RainSoft

The RainSoft Difference

RainSoft drinking water systems are a simple, cost-effective solution to providing cleaner, better tasting water right from the tap. And don’t forget environmentally friendly! With home water filtration systems from RainSoft, you can get bottled-water quality water, without the bottle.

Discover the benefits of RainSoft drinking water systems, and taste the difference in your drinking water today.

  • A difference you’ll notice with every glass.
  • Delivers clean, delicious water at the push of a button
  • Takes out impurities that faucet-mounted filters can’t
  • Saves money compared to bottled water
  • No more lifting or storing heavy 5 gallon bottles
  • Better for the environment

“When my son’s friends play at our house, they ask for water instead of soft drinks.  Our RainSoft water is that good!”

Kitchen Water Filtration Systems

Just think of the many ways you use water in your kitchen every day; cooking, cleaning, drinking and making ice are just a few. Shouldn’t that water be clean, odor free and clear of contaminants? With RainSoft home water filtration systems in your kitchen, you can do just that. Food will taste better with cleaner water. Drinking water is more pure. Not to mention the money you’ll save using less soap for cleaning.

RainSoft home water treatment systems install neatly out-of-sight under your family’s kitchen sink for your convenience. With RainSoft drinking water systems, it’s all about cleaner, better tasting water with a difference you can see in every clean dish and every cup of coffee.

The perfect cup? A gourmet coffee shop’s secret is to begin with clean, clear, ingredient-quality water.

  • Coffees, teas and juices taste better
  • Prepared foods taste more natural
  • Ice cubes are clearer, taste-free and more appealing.
  • Dishes and glasses sparkle, with water spots virtually eliminated

Coffee and tea are 99% water; ice is 100% water; juices are 80-85% water; soups are 50-80% water.
It’s the main ingredient in your kitchen!