Simple Solar Heating

Solar Hot Water Heating

Our water heaters heat water using clean and renewable energy collected from the sun.  They provide hot water for domestic use, pools and hot tubs, and space heating systems.  Explore our website and discover why thousands of Canadians choose Simple Solar water heaters.

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Why Go Solar?

1. Save Utility Costs

At home:

  • Solar water heater can provide up to 80% of your hot water saving a family up to $1,000 per year
  • Larger solar arrays supplement space heating and increase solar utilization
  • Homes with propane or electric water heating will realize even larger savings

At work:

  • Remote locations including work camps save fuel cost, improve comfort and increase safety
  • Commercial or industrial operations that use heat reduce utility costs with solar heating
  • Non-explosive solar is used to heat remote telecommunications, well-heads and pipeline facilities.

At Play:

  • Cabins and ski chalets save on expensive propane and electric heating as well as increase comfort and safety with solar heating
  • Pools and hot tubs heated with solar remove the high utility costs and increase your enjoyment

2. Increase Independence

  • Realize a sense of accomplishment by creating your own heat, just like growing your own vegetables
  • Connect with nature with a solar heater by noticing solstice cycles, weather effects and heating demands
  • Protect yourself and your family from utility systems being out due to weather, over-demand or operating failures
  • Looking for a way to get back at ‘The Man’? Solar heating is a great start!

3. Reduce your Environmental Footprint

  • Solar Thermal systems are the best renewable energy method to significantly reduce your GHG emissions:
    • every Solar thermal collector installed saves the equivalent of 1.2 acres of carbon-absorbing forest
    • every two-collector heater has the same environmental benefit as buying a hybrid car but the solar heater costs half as much and lasts twice as long
  • 75% of our homes’ energy is used for heat; 30 to 60% of this can be provided by solar heating
  • Solar heating can be used in any heating system to reduce fuel consumption and save on GHG’s

4. Take Action

  • Become part of the solution to increasing GHG emission, don’t continue to be part of the problem
  • Promote deployment and innovation of renewable energy
  • Participate in the decentralization of our existing energy systems
  • Set an example for others to follow your ‘green’ lead

5. Be Financially Wise

  • Realize there is no payback on your current utility bill
  • Savings on utility costs are tax-free
  • Solar heating is an effective hedge against future utility cost increases
  • Utility cost savings can be greater than financing costs