Solar PV Equipment Pilot Program

The Growing Forward Solar PV Equipment Pilot Program has launched as of yesterday, January 30th, 2012.  The Solar PV Equipment Pilot program is designed to provide modest financial support to bona fide farmers installing grid-connected, minimum 2.2 kW size, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their operation to produce electricity. Solar PV technology is a type of renewable energy production. Electricity production using solar PV technology helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and in some cases can help save on electricity costs, as well as providing a means to participate in certain green-marketing opportunities. Renewable energy can play a role in a farm’s overall energy management plan.  Part of the research goal of the Solar PV Equipment Pilot program is to collect data on whether small-scale installed solar PV systems can provide the energy production performance that was predicted in the design stage, when it is installed with optimized specifications. Other important data that will be collected is the ongoing operation and maintenance costs of installed systems. This combined data will be developed into educational materials that can help other producers decide if solar PV technology is a good fit for their operation.


To qualify:

·         On Grid

·         Operating a farming operation in Alberta

·         Earn minimum of $10,000 from the farming operation

·         Be eligible for a farm fuel number

·         Have a growing forward registration number


What you get:

·         $2.50 per watt from 2,200 W to 3,000 W

·         Plus $2 per watt from 3,001 W to 6,000 W

·         Plus $1.50 per watt from 6,001 W and over until program maximum of $19,500 has been reached. The program maximum corresponds to a solar PV program of 10 KW.


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