Air and Water are two very important resources your body uses for survival. How important are they to you and your family? There is more and more care being taken in these fields every year. Individual bottled water can cost more than fuels. Most air quality in a home is looked at more from a temperature perspective than a health perspective. Start getting informative answers to solve in-home health questions.  There are other ways of providing energy for your electricity needs. These ways can provide similar outputs with fewer impacts. These ways are becoming more popular every day. Many places around the world already have on going investments in renewable energies; they have been using these techniques for decades. Renewable energies prove to be reliable. Let us educate you.  Have you cared to look into how much your household resource usage accumulates to?  This could also be considered running overhead or living costs. Canadian living costs are very high relative to the rest of the world. You are renting some of your resources used for living costs. There are other ways of providing you with similar standards of living and they when paid out will be owned by you. There is many products today to provide comparable results and use less resources like water, for example.